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    94   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    Beautiful and pure.  White roses with greenery, filler and wrapping. ...
    fromR 350.00
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    232   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    Can't decide on what to send? Leave the decision to our florists to create...
    fromR 345.00
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    95   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    PLEASE NOTE: The product image is not a reflection of what your recipient...
    fromR 395.00
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    28   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    Glass vase with mixed white lilies and green flowers, for that special...
    fromR 395.00
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    92   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    Basket arrangement containing orange, purple and white mixed flowers. A fantastic...
    fromR 295.00
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    109   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    A beautiful arrangement with lilac roses and other seasonal flowers in tints...
    fromR 455.00
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    78   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    A bold and bright bunch of yellow, red and pink roses with seasonal greenery...
    fromR 265.00
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    47   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    LOVE, HONOUR, RESPECT...SOUTH AFRICAN WOMEN. Celebrate the Women in your...
    fromR 335.00

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    7   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    This Casket Spray captures the essence of a life lived colourfully. A mixed...
    fromR 220.00
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    87   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    A stunning pink bunch to brighten up someone's day.   Flowers included...
    fromR 385.00
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    126   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    A beautiful hand-tied bunch with stargazer lilies and roses.  The buds...
    fromR 375.00
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    51   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    Make someone’s day with the happy treat! Flowers included in this...
    fromR 245.00
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    59   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    A hand tied white rose bouquet with fillers. Brighten up your lover's day! Flowers...
    fromR 265.00
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    108   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    An exquisite bouquet of a mixture of rainbow coloured blooms. Flowers included...
    fromR 375.00
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    89   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    All pink seasonal flowers in a hand-tied bouquet that is sure to impress...
    fromR 295.00
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    89   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    A hand-tied bouquet with loads of orange lilies complemented with gerberas,...
    fromR 300.00
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    134   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    A classic red rose arrangement in a glass vase to heat up the romance.  Please...
    fromR 455.00
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    73   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    A basket filled with bright seasonal flowers. Warm and bright coloured arrangements...
    fromR 435.00
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    30   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    A luxurious, timeless and classic combination of white lilies, gerberas,...
    fromR 480.00
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    90   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    Beautiful pink roses mixed with greenery and seasonal filler. Flowers included...
    fromR 275.00
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    69   |
    A bottle of red wine, mixed nuts, cashew nuts, dried fruit sliced biltong...
    fromR 625.00
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    215   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    A bunch of roses in soft pastel shades with greenery and wrapping.  This...
    fromR 265.00
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    38   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    Yellow and Orange blooms in a beautiful glass vase. The perfect Surprise. Flowers...
    fromR 375.00
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    67   | Zoom Bloom™ Available
    Mixed seasonal vase with roses, sunflowers, lilies and other seasonal flowers....
    fromR 495.00
Letitia profile
Shop Owner
78 reviews

Letitita Tytheridge has been the sole owner of Letitia Florist for the past 40 years.

We are situated on Beach Road, Strand, in the famous Co-op Centre. The walkway to the centre is a blessing for us and we currently use it to exhibit some of our bunches of flowers to clients that hurry past, or the ones that like to take their time and browse around.

Our fantastic flower supplier, Oak Valley Flowers, deliver to us 6 times in a week. We completely trust them for the quality of our product, which is fresh flowers, and their service is impeccable. They even have a key to the shop to come in during the night when they deliver and put the flowers in buckets of water to ensure ultimate freshness.

My habit is not to be at work later than 7am in the morning and a normal day for me starts with sorting flowers and inspecting the quality of my products, even before the busy time of the day starts. Some of our biggest clients are Avbob and Doves, with whom we have had very good relationships for many years.

Our day to day jobs also includes sometimes crying with our clients and sharing in their sad times, or laughing with our clients and sharing in their happy times. The part of owning a florist which makes me the happiest is all the positive feedback and thank you's from so many of our grateful clients over the years. We try to keep our business personal and, although we are nearly in a city, we try to operate as if we are in the countryside, where we know most of our clients personally and understand their needs. Most of our regular clients are like family to us.

Friendly Emily from Bunches visits us at least 3 times a week and the availability of flowers has never been a problem for us.

I had the privilege to grow up in a home with a very creative mother and a garden which was bigger than a rugby field. In this garden, you could find every flower under the sun, with lots of different varieties of flowers, shrubs and greenery. She was very famous for competing in flower exhibitions and competitions and I was always the cleaner and helper. I always looked up to her, admired what she did and I was so lucky to inherit her skills and creativity. This will always leave me with loving and fond memories of her.

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Customer Reviews

Okay - 22 August 2017 "Much organisation had to go in arranging these roses for a special occasion. Heather however was v helpful. I am still unclear if 60 roses have been delivered or not? Thank you."

Great - 10 August 2017

Really Good - 06 August 2017 "Thank you. Content client. Nice color combination."

Excellent - 20 July 2017

WOW! - 26 June 2017 "I personally saw the delivered arrangement and it was beautiful! The delivery was on time. Will order again!"

WOW! - 21 May 2017 "The flowers received can only be described as stunning!... a beautiful display of flowers. The person who I sent them too was also blown away by the sheer beauty of the display..! thanks you also for a very professional service from start to Finish.I will most definitely use you again. 5 star florist. "

WOW! - 17 May 2017 "Quick delivery, high-quality contents (smacks basket), BEAUTIFUL roses. Stunning!"

Bad - 15 May 2017 "My mother only received one half of the gift I ordered. I ordered a bunch of flowers WITH a bottle of Graeme Beck champagne and she never received the champagne. I would please like this to be rectified.Thank you."

Excellent - 14 May 2017

WOW! - 14 May 2017 "Freshest flowers I have seen for a long time."

WOW! - 17 April 2017 "From 9000 miles away everything was perfect i was blown away ❤️"

WOW! - 25 February 2017 "Great 🙏🏾"

WOW! - 18 February 2017 "I ordered night before I wanted my delivery to happen....rather late but saflorist delivered the next day ! So happy as it was dad's birthday and I wasn't sure if it would happen on time....the box was beautiful solid wood and it was full of delicious treats and had gorgeous bow around it looked small on the Internet pic but in reality huge!.so very happy with the quality of the order and my dad was over the moon with it.thanks for excellent service!"

Excellent - 18 February 2017 "Thank you; satisfied client."

Poor - 16 February 2017

Poor - 06 February 2017 "Clearly advised this was BIRTHDAY BOUQUET - you sent a Congrats Balloon ?!? instead of the Happy Birthday balloon I selected online. I also requested NO YELLOW followers - the roses I ordered online were orange color & I made a specific note for the florist not to include YELLOW FLOWERS - what did you deliver......yellow roses! I am sorely disappointed in this delivery. I spent R400 and you did not follow 2 simple requests. "

Excellent - 03 February 2017 "I used the on-line service from Belgium to send flowers to a friend in South Africa. I found the site very user-friendly. Even though i did not get to see the bouquet myself, my friend was absolutely delighted."

WOW! - 20 January 2017 "Have only seen photo's but the display looks amazing and my daughter in law was delighted with them. Many thanks will definitely use you again"

WOW! - 12 January 2017 "Excellent. Recipient thrilled with the bouquet 💐. Will definitely use you again."

WOW! - 07 December 2016 "Thank you for the timely delivery for my friend - it was a beautiful package and really cheered him up. I'm so impressed with this service! "

WOW! - 07 November 2016 "Very quick and easy to order and keeps you informed up until the delivery! And the website is very easy to navigate! Great Job!!"

Really Good - 22 October 2016 "Thank you for the prompt delivery."

Really Good - 07 October 2016 "Fresh and well-presented."

WOW! - 05 September 2016 "Ordered "Lovely and Pink" arrangement at 9am, was delivered same day at 4pm (for Spring day). Was sent as a surprise to a very loving grandmother, she was blown away. She sent us a photo and the flowers were absolutely gorgeous, even better than on the website. Well done to SAFlorist and the local florist used, we're very pleased."

Excellent - 29 August 2016 "This is my 2nd time using SA florist as my international vendor. Again you did not dissappoint. Thank you!"

Excellent - 24 August 2016 "Winet was happy with her flowers. Thank you. "

Excellent - 01 June 2016 "Once again the qualty was great and perfectly on time."

Excellent - 01 June 2016 "Good quality, perfectly on time, thanks."

Excellent - 30 May 2016 "I appreciate the quick excellent service"

Excellent - 15 May 2016 "I was very happy with my product! The flowers were delivered nice and early as requested unfortunately my balloon was not delivered but one email and it was sorted and delivered. Will definitely use your services again"